About two years ago, my husband and I welcomed our first child, a son. While I was mentally prepared for the changes I assumed becoming a mom would bring, what I did not expect, was that it would help me finally discover my style.

Pre-baby I worked in a reasonably relaxed office environment (I have since returned to work, but more on that later), went out in the evenings and on weekends and traveled quite frequently. I loved clothes and poured over fashion magazines and blogs. I shopped. A lot. Yet more often than not, when getting ready for work or for a night out, I stood in front of my overstuffed closet and discovered I had absolutely nothing to wear.

The problem was, I kept acquiring new things based on pure impulse (”Oh! How cute! I’ll take it!”), without really giving any thought to how it would suit my life, what I would wear it with and the item’s longevity.

When I became pregnant, or rather, once my bump had ”popped”, I quite literally had nothing to wear as I could only manage to squeeze into one or two items. So, once again, I went shopping. But this time, I knew I would not be pregnant forever (though oftentimes it felt like I was…) and did not want to invest in a whole wardrobe full of pregnancy gear. Instead, what I needed were a few versatile items that I could combine in multiple ways and wear on several different occasions. And thus my first ever capsule wardrobe was born!

Below are the basic items I could not have survived without:

  1. An oversized white shirt, such as this one from HATCH collection: http://www.hatchcollection.com/the-button-down.html
  2. Skinny maternity jeans, such as these from TopShop: http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/maternity-456/maternity-jeans-637/maternity-moto-jamie-ripped-jeans-4907534?bi=1&ps=20
  3. An oversized sweater, such as this one from Filippa K: http://www.filippa-k.com/fi/oversize-pullover
  4. Stretchy black pants, such as these from GAP: http://www.gap.eu/browse/product.do?cid=1027437&vid=1&pid=000112685000
  5. An oversized chambray shirt: https://www.madewell.com/fi/madewell_category/AllProducts/PRD~E7091/E7091.jsp?Nbrd=M&Nloc=en_FI&Nrpp=48&Npge=1&Ntrm=chambray&isSaleItem=false&color_name=BUCKLEY WASH&isFromSearch=true&isNewSearch=true&hash=row0
  6. And, when my feet swelled up to three times their size, ”stretchy” shoes: https://www.theoutnet.com/en-FI/product/Yosi-Samra/Patent-leather-ballet-flats/689030

All of these are items I still wear today. If I were to get pregnant again, one thing on my wish list would be a pair of leather maternity leggings! Will be following up with pictures and phase 2 soon!




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